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Fun facts about sugar


As we head into Halloween and the holiday season it becomes increasingly difficult to resist the sugary treats. Before you reach for another handful of candy corn please consider the following.

Sugar is addictive

The first thing we'll all agree on is that sugar is delicious. We crave it. We can become as addicted to sugar as we can to hard drugs.

Sugar will make you fat

When we eat more sugar than our bodies can burn for immediate energy needs we store the remainder as fat. Chronically eating large amounts of sugar never gives our bodies a chance to burn that stored fat, so we just keep storing it and the result is a path leading to insulin resistance, obesity, type II diabetes, and cancer.

Sugar is everywhere

We don't have to turn to candy to find sugar. Sugar is hidden in many food products. The levels of sugar have kept increasing over the years as the food industry has engaged in a sort of arms race competing for your sweet tooth.

Sugar fuels cancer cells

For many years doctors and scientists have held strongly to the Somatic Mutation Theory of Cancer, which claimed that cancers were caused by genetic mutations, perhaps due to environmental factors that damaged DNA. Now more attention is being given to the idea that cancer has a metabolic origin. Cancer cells have problems in how they produce energy.
  Mitochondria are in charge of producing energy for a cell. These healthy mitochondria produce energy using mostly oxygen, but can also ferment glucose. Cancerous cells contain dysfunctional mitochondria which can only process glucose. It is now thought that cancer can effectively be starved by going on an extremely low carb and high fat diet. This allows the body to normally burn fat and produce ketones, which healthy cells are happy to use for energy, and causes the cancerous cells die off as their supply of energy, glucose, is greatly restricted.

Cutting sugar out of your diet could be the best form of health insurance you can possibly get.

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