Egg Jars

You've probably seen the Egg Bites at Starbucks. If you haven't, I suggest you try them the next time you're there. They are sous vide cooked eggs with cheese and, optionally, bacon. I've tried making a version of them at home using my Joule sous vide cooker. Since I have a few 8oz mason jars I've been filling them with two eggs, cheese, spices, and ground pork sausage. This is a whole lot bigger than a bite, so I call mine Egg Jars. These are great if you want to prepare a healthy breakfast ahead of time and want something you can grab and take with you. Since sous vide cooks 5 Egg Jars just as quickly as it does 1 you can scale this to make a workweek's worth of breakfasts.
  Cooked up and ready to go they look like this.

Using a spatula to scoop the jar contents into a pan you'll end up with something that is not going to win any culinary plating awards.

However, after just a few minutes you have amazing, fluffy scrambled eggs and a sausage patty ready to eat.


8oz mason jar(s)
Sous vide cooker

Ingredients (per jar):

olive oil
2 eggs
1/2oz whole milk or cream (the fatter the better)
1 slice of cheese of your choice
ground pork
favorite spices
salt+pepper to taste

I have a Nutribullet so I blend each egg jar one at a time.

0) Set your sous vide to 172F.

1) Coat the inside of the jar with a layer of olive oil. This makes removing the cooked egg much easier.

2) Put into the blender the eggs, milk, cheese, spices, S+P. Blend it.

3) Using a fork take enough ground pork to make a layer about 3/4" thick at the bottom of the jar.

4) Pour the egg mixture in on top of the sausage.

5) Put the lid on the jar finger tight and then back it off just enough so that expanding air can escape while it cooks.

6) Stand the jar(s) inside a plastic bag and place it into your hot water. This will protect your sous vide cooker in the event that a jar cracks or something leaks from the jars into the water.

7) Go do something else for one hour.

8) Take jar(s) out of the hot water and tighten down their lids. Be careful. They're 172F.

9) Allow the jars to cool on your countertop and then refrigerate until ready to eat.