A Typical Fat Burning Day

Being fat-adapted is one of the most freeing changes I've ever made in my life. Once I changed from being the typical Carbivore to fat-adaptation it felt like I gained a superpower.

Yesterday morning I had one coffee with butter and collagen powder and a second coffee with butter and a raw egg. I drove my truck down to my favorite diesel shop 20 miles away and then rode my bicycle home in the rain.

When I arrived home I noticed a leak in our kitchen skylight so I got the extension ladder out and climbed on the roof to take a look. I removed some moss and leaves that had built up around the skylight and then figured while I was on the roof I might as well clean a couple of the gutters also.

By the time I was done fiddle-farting around on the roof and had played fetch with my dog for a bit I realized that I was starting to get a little hungry. It was 2:00PM.

On only two cups of coffee, 1 egg, and a scoop of collagen powder and after a 20 mile bicycle ride I wasn't hungry until mid-afternoon. Back when I was eating the standard American diet I probably would have eaten breakfast, packed some snacks for the ride home, and still been hungry for lunch by noon.

However, this isn't a superpower. It's a power every person should have by default, but we don't because we've gotten our bodies used to expecting crap fuel and junk food.

If this sounds interesting to you Iā€™m more than happy to have a free 30 minute discovery call to see how we can re-enable your lost superpowers. 360-610-7053