Are you prepared?


  You may have the best gear and a bug out bag ready to go, but is your physical body in the most ready, prepared state it could be?
  Being prepared is more than just having all the right gear. Your body needs to be strong, fit, and able to endure when the going gets rough. Are you overweight and can't skip a meal without becoming hangry? If so, then it's time to work on yourself so that when the time comes you aren't wishing you were lighter and faster.
  I will help you learn how to effortlessly lose weight and become stronger by eating local, whole, delicious foods. No gym membership, cardio workouts, nor calorie counting required. You'll learn how to improve your aerobic system for improved, long term performance by getting outside and enjoying what the PNW has to offer.
  Contact me today to see how I can help you become prepared for life.