Life is an endurance sport.

I’ll teach you how to become lighter, faster, and stronger.

you'll have more fun

When you improve your health and fitness you'll be able to experience places that few people get to visit and you'll travel to destinations you previously thought were outside your reach.

you'll live longer

You probably spend a little extra on high quality outdoor products to save some weight and have gear that will last. Why wouldn't you want to do the same for your body?

Upper Watson Lake, Washington State

Upper Watson Lake, Washington State

you'll feel better

You'll enjoy your time outdoors even more when you become lighter, faster, and stronger. Through my health coaching service you'll lose weight and improve your fitness. You'll become faster and effortlessly enjoy your time outdoors. Never be the slow one in your group again.

you'll have steady energy for everyday life

Through adoption of a low carb high fat diet you'll find yourself having consistent energy throughout every day for the rest of your life. Sugar addiction and snacking at work will become a thing of the past. You'll look forward to natural, whole foods without feeling starved.