low carb high fat


The Standard American Diet is high carbohydrate, high protein, and low fat. For years we've been told that a low fat diet would make us healthy and keep us thin. Look around and see how well that's working out for us. Nearly 90% of the adult US population is now overfat.

Low carb high fat eating is a diet that aligns with the way our ancestors ate thousands of years ago and is the way we still should be eating today. The standard American diet has us eating far too much refined sugar and carbohydrates.

Our bodies naturally want to burn fat. A diet high in fat is satisfying and provides us with steady long-lasting energy throughout the day. This capability is called being fat adapted and it's sabotaged by eating too much sugar. We store any excess carbohydrates as fat. Now that we have excessive amounts of sugar available to us all day, every day we eat way too much of it.

By eating fewer carbohydrates and more fat your body will naturally begin to burn fat for fuel. Instead of going through your day from one sugar craving to the next, satisfying yourself with junk food, you can have steady energy throughout the day by eating more fat and protein.

Learn how to become fat adapted.