How to improve your health


Avoid Sugars

Sugar is everywhere and it is addictive. If you are overweight and want to lose fat then chances are you consume too much sugar. You can return to a healthy body composition by removing added sugar from your diet. This includes carbohydrate rich foods like pasta and bread. Check your food labels and ingredients. Sugar goes by many names.

Eat plenty of saturated fat

Saturated fat is not the enemy. For years it has been incorrectly blamed as the cause of many ailments. Saturated fat is an essential part of a healthy diet. Your body prefers using fat as a fuel source, but too much sugar causes the sugar and carbs you eat to be stored as fat. Fuel your body with fat instead of sugar and it will naturally start to burn your stored body fat too. This is referred to as becoming fat adapted. You will be amazed at how good you feel once you return your body to this natural way of operating.

Move your body every day

We are meant to move. Modern living has us sitting at desks and stuck in traffic. Do your best to move your body several times a day. Go for a walk in the evenings if you can. Do squats at your desk or take a walk during lunch. This sort of low level aerobic activity is very important.

Eat whole foods

Take a look at the things you are about to eat. If there is an ingredients list see if those ingredients are actually natural foods found in nature or if they are chemical additives to give the product a longer shelf life. Question whether or not you want to put preservatives, food colorings, and other non-food items into your body.

Don't count calories

Your ancient ancestors didn't count their calories so why should you? This sort of micromanagement is not a sustainable way to develop an intuitive way of eating. You don't need to restrict portion sizes, count calories, or rely on an arcane points system to tell you whether or not you can eat more. You shouldn't be starving yourself. You should find your food delicious, satisfying, and it should keep you energized throughout your day.

Get lots of sleep

It's very important to get plenty of sleep. Our bodies heal and our brains recharge while we sleep. If you are sleep deprived you're not healing and you're not recharging. There are many ways to improve your sleep and I suggest you try some of them even if you think you're sleeping well.

Grains are unnecessary

Grains are a relatively recent addition to the human diet. While it's true that civilization made great strides during the age of agriculture grains are carbohydrates that we turn to glucose (sugar) as soon as we digest it. Many people find grains to be inflammatory and in short there is absolutely no reason for humans to consume grains. Vegetables are a far superior and essential way for us to obtain carbohydrates, nutrients, and minerals. Remove grains from your diet to improve your health.

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