My daily routine used to be controlled by food. I'd wake up hungry and unable to function until I had breakfast. I'd then groggily make it to lunch where I felt like I had to eat as much as possible in order to make it until dinnertime. In the afternoon I'd often need a snack anyway because I'd get hangry if I didn't get something to eat. I'd limp through my day from meal to meal and the first signs of hunger would cause me to panic.

Now that I've started eating low carb high fat I start my day with butter in my coffee and have nothing else for breakfast. I don't get hungry until noon or later when I'll have a lunch involving vegetables, eggs, avocado, and a moderate portion meat. I no longer need a snack in the afternoon and enjoy eating dinner anytime between 6:00 and 8:00PM. If I miss a meal I no longer become hangry and can power on through my day without having to stop what I'm doing to find an immediate source of food.

I fully intend to continue the LCHF way of living. This allows me to maintain a healthy body composition without hunger cravings, I have consistent energy throughout the day, and I'm avoiding the disastrous health affects of the high sugar/carb Standard American Diet.

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