Welcome to the Primal Blueprint 21 Day Challenge. If you're new here please take some time to read Mark Sisson's page detailing the 21 Day Challenge and his lifestyle program called The Primal Blueprint.

You can buy the paperback or Kindle versions of this book, which will help guide you on the challenge.

I will be starting this free 21 day challenge on the 1st of every month. Participate as many times as you like. If you'd like personal support please contact me to see how we can work together to improve your health and well being.

The Primal Blueprint is not a diet in the traditional sense. It doesn't just have you eliminate certain foods for a length of time. It is actually a program to educate yourself about the problems with the Standard American Diet, how to identify the surprising places in which junk food hides, and provides you strategies for avoiding those types of foods. It also encourages physical activity while avoiding the pitfalls of cardio workouts.

The 21 Day Challenge is a way for you to try out The Primal Blueprint and see how well it works for you. I encourage you to try this for 3 weeks and notice the improvements in how you look and feel.

What I want you to do

In the interest of meeting this guideline:

  • Move frequently at a slow pace: Get between 2-5 hours per week of moderate aerobic exercise.

I want you to go outside for a walk every day for 20 minutes. I would like you to sign up for a free account with Strava. Then download their free app onto your mobile phone. Strava uses your phone's GPS to record physical activities. When you go out for a walk you'll hit record and Strava will keep track of your activity. Search Strava for my name, Matt Hixson of Mount Vernon, WA, and add me as your friend. This will allow me to see that you are getting outside for your minimum amount of 20 minutes of activity per day. I will be watching. You don't need to go buy a high tech pair of running shoes or go cardio-power-walking. You just need to get outside and move. Every day, for 21 days. This short requirement each day means you'll get a minimum of 2.5 hours / week of moderate aerobic exercise. If you like to jog, hike, or bicycle then those activities are also perfect for you to do. Mix it up and enjoy getting outdoors.

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