Primal Health Coach



I recently returned to mountain bike racing and realized that I needed to lose some of the excess weight I had steadily gained over the past twenty years. Even though I've always been active my diet needed some changes. My research led me to the Paleo diet and the blog and books of Mark Sisson. Mark advocates a lifestyle he calls Primal which is not as strict as the Paleo diet, but is informed by ancestral health and current scientific research. Since eliminating almost all sugar and processed grains while eating plenty of fat and protein I now effortlessly maintain a healthy body composition without counting calories nor limiting portion sizes.

As a certified Primal Health Coach I will teach you how to eat healthy, delicious foods to reach your weight loss and fitness goals. People make this lifestyle change for many reasons, including to:

  - lose weight
  - have more energy throughout the day
  - improve 5k or 10k times
  - eliminate junk food cravings
  - increase longevity

If you would like to accomplish any of the above goals I would love to work with you. I won't show you a new fad diet. I'll show you how to bring lasting improvement to your life for a healthier and happier you.